Social Media Users Beware! 

Beginning December 31, 2020, the Texas Supreme Court will begin allowing defendants to be served electronically via social media. The Texas State Legislature enacted Senate Bill 891 which amended Section 17.033 of the Civil Practices and Remedies Code to allow substituted service of citation. This Bill required the Supreme Court to adopt rules to provide for the substituted service of citation by an electronic communication sent to a defendant through a social media presence, or by e-mail. The newly adopted rules go into effect midnight December 31, 2020.

What does this mean for you? 

If a person filing a lawsuit - often called the plaintiff - cannot serve you by ordinary means such as through a sheriff or by regular mail, then this person can file a motion or ask the court to authorize service by electronic means, such as through e-mail or through your social media presence. If the person filing the lawsuit can prove that you regularly use e-mail or social media, then the judge can grant this plaintiff permission to serve you over social media. 

What should you do?
getting a judgment against you simply because you failed to respond to service of a lawsuit through social media. Contact our firm today to protect your rights!